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Yesterday’s evening entertainment carried into early morning today, as I continued my classic anime kick with “Vampire Hunter D”. Of course, there are two films to this famous franchise, so naturally, I had to watch both… And I’m glad that I did, because each of these movies are very unique in their own individual ways.

As a kid, I grew up with “AKIRA” as the single greatest feature-length anime. Into adulthood, I’d say that this still stands relatively true. However, I’d always heard that a film called “Vampire Hunter D” was comparable. Having finally seen said film, I can honestly say that it’s not… But I can also understand why other viewers might feel so strongly about it. Amongst the very first anime movies to reach american shores in the ’80s, it doesn’t look like anything else that the US had ever seen. Hell, it’s an ancient yet futuristic conflict between a half-breed vampire and his noble ancestry… That just sounds plain cool! … And it could have been just that, but the execution was flawed, so instead of an epic masterpiece, the test of time renders this “great” picture a bit like a bargain B-Movie (Mind you, I do love a good ol’ “grindhouse” flick).

Fast forward fifteen faithful years to the series sequel “Bloodlust”… It’s got everything you’d want and more to spare from an epic vampiric showdown, not to mention a nearly flawless script and equally impeccable voice cast. The animation looks stellar (admittedly due to advancing technology) and stylistically the whole production secured a much more fortified footing. Even as a bit longer movie, “Bloodlust” manages its pacing more effectively and tells a better story… A story of love, despair and bounty hunters (because really, what better story is there?). With that said, I say see them. See them both and enjoy… but expect a stronger draw to one and not its cinematic brother.